Cleaned Scallop from Union Square Farmers Market NYC

How to Clean a Scallop from the Shell: Travel Inspired Recipes

Inspired by a recent trip to Seattle filled with incredible food experiences we headed to the Union Square Farmer's Market in New York City on a mission to create our own. Fresh Scallops, still in the shell, were available at the Seatuck Fish stand. Having never cleaned a Scallop we were a little hesitant, but took a leap of faith that we would be able to do so after seeing a demo from the vendor and being assured that youtube would provide adequate information.
This Is A Scallop
Fresh Scallop from Union Square Farmers Market NYC
Separate The Scallop From Top Shell
Slide a knife along the inside of the shell so as to spearate the Scallop from one of the shells.
Cleaning a Scallop
Open The Shell
You will be able to pull the shell open with the meat remaining attached to the "bottom".
Cleaning a Scallop
Remove The "Guts"
Grab hold of the guts and pull away
Cleaning a Scallop
Rinse and Enjoy
Take the knife and scape along the bottom of the shell to remove the Scallop. Once removed, rinse and enjoy!
Cleaning a Scallop
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