Uluru Ayers Rock Australia

Volunteering and Adventure in Australia!

4. Set Up Camp In King's Canyon, Your Volunteer Destination
Tents Set Up Outside Of King's Canyon Australia Hiking in King's Canyon
5. Survey For Buffle Grass, An Invasive Plant Species
Searching For Buffle Grass In King's Canyon Termite Mound In King's Canyon Australia
Buffle Grass is an invasive species of plant that has taken a toll on the Outback landscape by crowding out the roots of native grasses. Our group surveyed for Buffle Grass that was geotagged to later be sprayed at the appropriate time of year. Tumble Weed removal from the Mala enclosures was another project completed at King's Canyon and in Alice Springs we assisted with renovations at an Arid Botanical Garden.
6. But Make Sure Not To Overdue It
Make Sure To Rest
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