5 Canadian Cities in One Week! An Epic Roadtrip!

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Sitting at an Irish festival in Minnesota as summer was coming to an end my friend and I started talking about fitting in one last adventure before heading back to college. We began discussing possible trips and thought the cities of eastern Canada would make a great trip. We had a week to attempt to see multiple cities and to keep it on the cheap we planned to camp, stay in hostels and couchsurf. It was through the couchsurfing experience that we learned the most about Ottawa from our host and were given advice that influenced the remainder of our trip. MapIt map created with Mapbox and can be used on tablet in landscape mode or desktop.
1. Don't Mess With Canada
Canadian Border Crossing in Michigan
@ Border Crossing in Michigan. The border patrol was no nonesense and searched our car and luggage. Probably didn't help that we had a loose itinerary of destinations and places to stay. But they let us in anyways.
2. Wide Open Spaces
Canadian Farm Land On Way to Niagara
Wide open farmland between the border and our first stop Niagara Falls.
3. The Most Powerful Falls In North America
Niagara Falls at Dusk
@ Niagara Falls Canadian Side
4. The Bright Lights Of... Niagara Falls?
The City of Niagara
The town of Niagara is quite lively, which took us by surprise as one would imagine the natural beauty of the falls would influence the town... it does not.
5. Melting Pot Toronto
The View From the CN Tower Toronto Mural in Kensington Market Toronto
The view from the CN tower and mural near Kensington Market.
6. Oh Canada, Our Home And Native Land
Canadian Capitol Building
Canadian Capitol building in Ottawa. Couchsurfing with a local helped get more direction into what we should see in Ottawa and rest of the trip. This is where we were told to go whale watching for Belugas, which we consequently adjusted the route and made happen.
7. A Different Side Of North America
Streets of Quebec City Boardwalk in Quebec City
Quebec City is a beautiful town along the St Lawrence river with a European flare.
8. Drive Up North To See Belugas!
Water Views of St Lawrence North of Quebec City
Heading towards the town of Tadoussac where many whale watching excusions are based.
9. Cross The Fjord
Crossing Saguenay Fjord by Ferry
To get to Tadoussac you need to cross the Saguenay Fjord. Luckily, there is a free ferry that will transport you and your car quickly across.
10. There She Blows!
Blue Whale in St Lawrence River
Whale watching from a Zodiac boat with Croisieres AML. A Blue whale takes a breath in the beautiful St Lawrence river.
11. Parlez-vous Fran├žais?
The Town of Tadoussac
Tadoussac is a quaint French speaking town where we embarked on the whale watching tour. After the tour stop into town to grab a bite and warm up. Be prepared to dust off your French as the locals speak very little English.
12. Mont Royale And Montreal
View From Mont Royale overlooking Montreal
The final Canadian city on the trip, stay in a hostel and roam the city looking out for good food along the way. Make a stop at the top of Mont Royale for great views of the city below.
13. Ben & Jerrys
Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Factory Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Factory
An hour south of the border in the vibrant green mountains of Vermont lies the iconic Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Factory. Stop in for a tour and tasting to see how this delicious ice cream is made.
14. The Road Home
Driving by Chicago
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