Mt Timponogos Utah

Mt Timponogos, Utah: Experience the Hike to the Top

Utah is a rather arid state filled with many natural wonders, but an hour south of Salt Lake city in the Wasatch range is a mountain oasis to escape the heat of a scorchng Utah summer day, Mt. Timponogos. The highest peak in the Wasatch, Timponogos is a state park featuring caves, aspen forests, wildlife, a glacier and magnificent hiking. The hike to the top begins with a stroll through aspen forests. As you continue your hike, fields of wild flowers and potential encounters with moose and deer become more likely. Eventually the incredible lush vegetation gives way to the rocky peaks and the unbelievable glacier, even in August. The whole hike will take up most of the day, but is worth every step.
1. Aspens Greet You As You Begin
Aspens at Mt Timponogos, Utah
2. The Elevation Gain Is Nearly 3,000 Feet
Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
3. Big Views In The Distance
Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
4. Waterfalls Line The Path
Waterfalls on Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
5. Moose!
Moose on Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
This moose was near the path in a busy section of the path.
6. Sweeping Views Of The Valley Below
Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
7. The Summit Nears
Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
The flowers were unexpected and incredily vibrant as we approached the final 1/3 of the hike.
8. The Saddleback
Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
From the saddleback, which is the top of the mountain ridge but still a 30 minutes walk from the summit, you can see over the Salt Lake Valley to the west and the mountains to the east.
9. King Of The Mountain
Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
The summit!
10. Check Out The Glacier Off In The Distance
Glacier on Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
11. Get Up And Close
Hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
To provide a little persepctive on the size of the glacier the 3 little specs on the snow in the bottom left of the pic are people. There were two hikers that day that brought skis up, climbed the glacier and then skied down with their dog trailing.
12. Head Back Down And Say Farewell
Deer at end of hike up Mt Timponogos, Utah
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