Hotel Courtyard in Portugal Pool at Pousada Portugal

Live Like a King in Portugal (For a Night)

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The Pousada de Alcacel do Sal Dom Afonso II is a castle turned hotel designed for comfort while keeping some of the historic touches that will make your stay memorable. While driving from Sintra, Portugal down to the Algarve we knew that we needed to find a place to sleep. Without a pre-planned hotel we wandered into a town at the half-way point and searched out a place to stay. We ended up at the only place we could find, which was this Pousada. The staff were extremely kind, giving us a discount for our late arrival, and the stay was wonderful.
1. Awake, And Look Down Upon Your Kingdom
Pousada Hotel Portugal Pousada Hotel Portugal
2. The Fertile Valley Below
The Valley Surrounding the Pousada
3. Venture Down To The Courtyard
Courtyard in Pousada
4. To Feast
Courtyard in Pousada Breakfast at Pousada in Portugal
5. Relax
Pool at Pousada in Portugal
6. Knowing That You Are Safe Behind Your Fortress Walls
Pool at Pousada in Portugal
7. And Then Reality Sets In
Pousada from afar in Portugal
Driving away from the Pousada and Alcacer do Sal.
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