Overlooking Whistler

5,280 Feet of Epic Fun in Whistler

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Home to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games Whistler is a giant of a mountain with 5,280 vertical feet of skiable terrain. Getting there from the East Coast for a long weekend of skiing is an epic trip filled with a lot of fun and great skiing. Flying into Seattle is a much cheaper option vs. Vancouver and only adds 3 hours. The drive up to Whistler is scenic and you travel through Seattle and Vancouver for extra exploration options.
1. Land Late And Head Straight Up
Mountains along the Sea to Sky Highway BC
Land in Seattle and drive up through Vancouver.
2. Sea-to-Sky Highway
sea to Sky Highway BC
Continue up the Sea-to-Sky highway.
3. Oh Yes, You Have Arrived
Looking Up At Whistler
4. Let It Begin
Chairlift at Whistler
5. Ski All Day
Skiing at Whistler
6. Amazing Run After Amazing Run
Skiing at Whistler
7. Find A Place To Recharge
Cascade Lodge Whistler
@ Cascade Lodge, part of a 3 day ski and stay package. If looking for a less expensive place there are some hostels outside of town that would be good options if there to mainly ski.
8. Unbelievable Views
Mountain Views from Whistler Ski Resort
9. Gondola Between Mountains
Whistler Peak to Peak Gondola
10. Ski The Backside Glacier
Whistler Glacier
This was my favorite run. You have to hike a little to get to thiis run, but definitely worth it.
11. Halfway There
Skiing at Whistler
12. Make The Most Of The Trip Back
Stanley Park Vancouver
After 3 days of skiing it's time to head back. Make sure to stop in Vancouver and Seattle if you have time. @ Stanley Park, Vancouver
13. One Last Stop
Pike Place Market Seattle
Stop into Seattle to see the sites and grab a bite to finish off an epic skiing trip. The Pike Place Chowder shop is a good place to stop for a soup to warm you up.
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