Ride the London Eye

16 Experiences Not to Miss in London, England

The city of London has many landmarks and historical sites to enjoy, and you don’t want to miss the major ones when visiting lovely London. During my time in London I made sure to check out these buildings, monuments and parks and are 16 experiences I could not imagine missing.
1. BIG Ben
Big Ben London
Check out one of the most well known landmarks in the city.
2. Take A Ride In The Sky On London's Eye
Ride on London Eye
Take a ride on the London Eye along the banks of the River Thames and get a view of London from the skies. The ride takes about 30 minutes so you get a good amount of time to take in the sights. Plan a ride on a clear day for best views.
3. The Mall
The Mall London
Walk up the Mall toward Buckingham Palace to get a closer look. The path is lined with the British Flags which helps to add to the anticipation approaching the Palace. If you’re lucky you might see the Royal Helicopter coming in for a landing.
4. Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace London
Look for the flag on top of the Palace which signals that the Queen is home.
5. Changing Of The Guard
Changing of the Guard London
When you visit the Palace, time it up to witness the Changing of the Guards at the Palace.
6. Cheers!
Fish and Chips London
Enjoy some Fish Fingers, a twist on the classic brit favorite, and a brew at a local pub.
7. House Of Royalty
Kensington Palace London
Visit Kensington Palace, home of tabloid favorites William and Kate.
8. To Be Or Not To Be
Shakespeare's Globe Theater London
See Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, where his famous plays are performed. The original burned down, but a replica was built to capture what was lost to the flames.
9. Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square
Find Giant Lion statues at the base of the Christopher Columbus momument.
10. The Iconic Bridge
Shakespeare's Globe Theater London
Catch views of the Tower Bridge while walking along the banks of the River Thames.
11. Tower Of London
Tower Of London
Learn the history of the past royal families who lived and ruled from the tower. The Crown Jewels are also kept on the grounds and you are able to view them inside.
12. Relax And People Watch
Regents Park London
@ Regents Park
13. Take A Stroll
Hyde Park London
@ Hyde Park. You can rent paddle boats here or bikes to explore more of the park.
14. Let It Be
Abbey Road London
Visit Abbey Road and Cross the famous street like the Beatles. Nearby is the Beatles coffee shop where you can get some coffee or Beatles memorabilia.
15. Stonehenge
Stonehenge outside of London
Take a short bus ride out of the city and see the mysterious Stonehenge formation. It is not known how this was created though there are many theories.
16. Time To Clean Up
Roman Baths outside London
Continue a little further from Stonehenge and visit the City of Bath. Take in the views of the River Avon and take a tour of the Roman Baths.
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