Relax, You're In Sarasota, Florida

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Sarasota is a relaxing city in Florida near the gulf of mexico with great access to mangrove channels and white sandy beaches. The perfect place to get some sun, have some fun, and enjoy a drink or two along the water.
1. First Stop O'Learys Tiki Bar
Right along the water near downtown Sarasota O'Learys is a relaxing bar/grill to sit back and sip away the stress of the flight.
2. Farmer's Market
3. Check Out Siesta Key Beach
The whitest, softest sand I have ever seen.
4. Fresh Seafood
@ Starfish Company in the fishing village of Cortez, just north of Sarasota. Make sure to get there early as the line gets crazy early.
5. Ice Cream on the Circle
@ Kilwin's on St Armands Circle, there are many ice cream choices along the circle so explore the options before picking
6. Feeling Ambitious? Go for a Run Across the Bridge to St Armands
7. Feeling Even More Ambitious? Try a Guided Kayaking Tour
The tours run about 3-4 hours and usually traverse the mangrove lined channels. Go for the early tours as the water will be more calm. Manatees and Dolphins inhabit the channels so keep your eyes out.
8. Manatee Sighting!
That little blip in the water is a Manatee nose. They are pretty quick, but you can get an idea of where they are because they leave behind a trail of circles as they swim along the surface.
9. For a Better View of Manatees Check Out the Mote Aquarium
10. Stone Crab Claws?
@ Casey Key Fish House in Casey Key south of Sarasota. Also take a scenic drive along the key to see some ridiculous houses and water views.
11. Catch the Final Rays of the Day On the Water
@ Le Barge Sunset Cruise from Sarasota Marina
12. Sun Set
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