Quebec City - How to Propose to Your Unsuspecting Girlfriend in Quebec!

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As a farewell to summer I convinced my then girlfriend to take a 4 day labor day weekend trip up to Quebec from New Jersey... little did she know what was in store.
1. A little piece of France right here in North America? Yes, Please!
2. Add in a Blue Moon for a little extra ambiance
This phenonemon only occurs approximately every 3 years and is defined as a month with two full moons, with the second full moon being the Blue Moon.
3. Find a cozy spot to stay
@l’Hotel du Vieux Quebec
4. Eat some amazing food to celebrate the love that is in the air, little does she know what is coming tomorrow
@Le Lapin Saute
5. Push the limits at 11:30pm by suggesting to wake up at 5am and drive 3 hours north to go whale watching!
6. Choose the Zodiac whale watching tour, smaller boat = less people to compete with for a view and more memorable experience
Zodiac boats are an exhilarating way to go whale watching and Croisieres AML provides a great tour
7. See Whales!
Minke, Finback, Belugas, and Blue all frequent these waters
8. And Seals!
9. Take the ferry across the fjord (yes, they have fjords) to grab some lunch in Tadoussac
The ferry to cross the Saguenay Fjord is free!
10. Choose a spot along the marina and warm up with a satisfying meal
Restaurant De La Marina in Tadoussac
11. Follow lunch with a secluded walk along the beautiful shoreline to ask her the question
12. Absolutely beautiful, but the suprising amount of people and the chilly air sends you back to the car and back to Quebec city
Maybe that cozy hotel room will be a better place
13. Yes, the hotel room, it will be better this way, we'll get ready for dinner and then you can ask away
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