Sea Turtles and Sun in Barbados

To break the winter cold we embarked on a week long cruise in the caribbean with the first stop in Barbados. Having procrastinated on the exscursion sign ups we missed out on the swimming with the Sea Turtles excursion. Bound and determined to see some Sea Turtles in the ocean we saught out local advise to find a spot from shore to see the little guys. The advice was to go to Oistins up the coast 30-40 minutes..
1. Head Out From The Port To Seek Local Advise Where To Go To See Sea Turtles
2. Strolling Along A Waterfront Boardwalk
3. A Fish Market, Someone Here Must Have A Suggestion
They were cleaning their catch of flying fish, which is common in the water surrounding Barbados, and the lady was kind enough to hold it up for us.
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